Galveston Island - January 13-17, 2020

Wow! It has been about 6 years since we were last in Galveston in our RV, I believe. We decided to make this easy drive with our RV on what may be our next-to-the-last trip with it before we sell it and get out of the RV business. We always enjoy going to historic Galveston Island and seeing all the beautiful old homes and businesses on the island. There is so much history related to the city and the historic 1900 hurricane that wiped out the city and killed at least 6,000 people on the island and thousands more inland. It was also battered by Hurricane Ike a few years ago, but seems to be recovering very well, probably with some thanks to the thousands of folks that go out on the cruise ships that depart each week from the dock next to the Strand.

[Monday] We left home at about 2:30 pm and drove down TX-6 to Galveston, arriving at Galveston RV Resort & Marina at about 4:00 pm. We checked into site C16. The weather all day in Houston and Galveston was rainy and foggy. We stayed in the trailer after getting set in the site.

< Our RV site. < View from RV park.

[Tuesday] This morning we were greeted by a Great Blue Herron that was out from our campsite close to the water. The weather was still raining and foggy.

< Great Blue Herron.

We drove down Broadway Street and took the audio tour of The Moody Mansion. Restored to its turn of the century splendor, the 28,000 square-foot, four-story structure was completed in 1895. We spent about 3 hours in the historic home visiting 20 rooms on a tour that depicts the home life of a powerful Texas family. The Moodys established one of the great American financial empires. Based on cotton, it grew to include banking, ranching, insurance and hotels. By the time we had completed the tour, the weather was relatively sunny and most of the fog was gone.

< < <

< < < The Moody Mansion.

Afterwards we went back to the trailer and ate lunch.

We then drove to the Bolivar Ferry and went across the Houston Ship Channel to Bolivar Peninsula to see how they were recovering from the hurricanes. There were lots of very large homes that have been rebuilt, most on what looks like 12 foot pilings. They look like they might have a better chance to survive the next storm. As we left Galveston Island on the ferry, the fog was beginning to roll back in.

We returned to Galveston Island via the ferry and made a stop at Kroger on our way to the trailer. The fog was still thick.

< On the Bolivar Ferry.

[Wednesday] This morning we decided to stay in the trailer until after lunch. We walked around the the RV Park loop until we had walked our normal 2 miles that we do at home each day before breakfast. The fog that greeted us again this morning began to lift by noon.

After lunch we went to the historic Bishop's Palace and took the audio tour of the beautiful home, that is now a museum. The 1892 Bishop's Palace (a.k.a. Gresham House) is a contributing building in the East End Historic District, a National Historic Landmark. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the national level of significance in the area of architecture. Architectural historians list the Bishop's Palace as one of the most significant of Victorian residences in the country. It is currently owned and operated by the Galveston Historical Foundation.

< < < <

< < The Bishop's Palace.

< < Bishop's Chapel.

After we completed the tour, we drove to the Galveston Strand district. We walked along the Strand down to the Train Museum and back on the other side of the street.

The fog began to return again by about 4:00 pm.

By then, we were ready to eat a good seafood dinner. We decided to eat at Katie's Seafood House, which is on the water near the Strand. We had very good fresh fish dinners from the Gulf of Mexico.

< < The Galveston Strand.

< < Katie's Seafood House.

[Thursday] This morning after breakfast we walked 2 miles again around the RV park loop. We stayed at the trailer that morning and ate lunch.

After lunch we drove south on the island about 10 miles to the Galveston Island State Park. We walked a little on some of the trails, but most were too wet and muddy unless we had boots. We were able to see several interesting birds. We saw an American White Pelican, which migrates through the area. As we neared time to leave the park, the fog started rolling in again.

< < < Galveston Island State Park.

We drove back to the Strand where we stopped at La King's Confectionery and indulged in their famous ice creams. One of the cruise ships was at the dock and the Strand was covered with visitors—as busy as we have ever seen it.

< < La King's Confectionery.

We returned to the trailer and the fog was better than it had been so far on the trip at 5:00 pm. We met our park neighbor who was from Minnesota and had a nice chat outside as he was checking out his new electric bicycle.

[Friday] Today we took our 2-mile walk again after breakfast. When we returned back to the trailer, we prepared the trailer and departed from our RV site at 11:00 am. We arrived back home at about 1:00 pm. The weather was better this day than it had been all week, with respect to the fog.

This draws to a close our brief trip to Galveston Island. We hope you enjoyed the photos and brief descriptions of our activities. God willing, join us again soon for another travel adventure.

Goodbye for now,

Lawson & Kay

January 24, 2020

By awesome deeds in righteousness You will answer us, O God of our salvation, You who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth, And of the far-off seas; Who established the mountains by His strength, Being clothed with power; You who still the noise of the seas, The noise of their waves, And the tumult of the peoples. (Psalm 65:5-7 NKJV)

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